Mobile applications versus web applications: The Ups & Downs

Native mobile applications


  • Quicker than web apps
  • Greater range of functions due to their access to users’ system resources
  • Functions when device is offline
  • Security — native apps are approved by the app store
  • Easier to build due to the availability of tools, interface elements and SDKs


  • Costlier to build than web apps
  • Compatibility exclusive to specific platforms (i.e. iOS and Android), meaning design and development has to be done from scratch
  • Expensive to maintain and update
  • Approval process by app store may be more difficult

Web apps


  • Download or installation not required as they function in-browser
  • Easy maintenance as they share a common codebase regardless of mobile platform
  • Updates by refresh
  • Quicker and easier to build than mobile apps
  • Do not require app store approval, launch is quicker


  • Do not work offline
  • Slower than mobile apps, and less advanced in terms of features
  • May not be as discoverable due to the lack of a specific database, such as the app store
  • Quality and security not always guaranteed due to the absence of approval as demanded by the app store

Knowing the contrast between local portable applications and web applications, now you might be more keen on building your own application! However, it is both a lengthy and costly project to undertake, be it through outsourcing or doing it in-house. Go forward and read through the first task you have before you jump in – gathering requirements for your app.

Alternatively, if you’re keen to know if you have the budget and capital to start on one, you can contact a top app development studio to request for a quotation!

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