A Comprehensive Guide To Mobile App Development Process



If you are running a small or midsized business, owning a mobile app is of utmost importance. According to a recent study, one out of five companies have a mobile app or they are in the process of developing one. That is why you need services from Singapore’s top mobile app development studio today.

However, before hiring any app development company you need to understand the mobile app development process.


Mobile App Objectives and Goals

This a very important step in the development of a mobile app. You need to carry out mobile marketing research to determine how your mobile app will get out there. Determining how your mobile will solve particular problems for your company, the features of the app, and the appeal to the customers will be a great move.

The features of the app will help determine the budget of the overall app development process measured against your in-house capability.


Wireframe Design

This is the design of how your app will look like. At this stage, everything seems simple but a simple mistake in design could be expensive in the long run. At this point, you can determine the scope of the work and the input required.

There are many free and premium wireframing tools online. Here you can design the look and functionalities of your app. You should consider the user experience, mobile app versus mobile website difference, and opportunities available.


Define the Backend of the App

The wireframe design helps in the structuring of the backend. Now it will be easy to make a decision regarding the servers, APIs, notification services, and other related backend feature required. Your in-house talent and scalability should be a priority for SMEs at this stage.

Adjustments can be made on the wireframe to much the backend demands for an easier app development process.



It is a very significant process in the app development process. It ensures an evaluation of the design concept, usability, and flow of the mobile app. To simplify the process just search for a prototyping tool online.

As a matter of fact, you should consider people who are not in your development team to test and give feedback. Ensure you ask honest questions and also ask the users regarding their user experience and user interface interaction. Your goal should be achieving the best feedback from your test results.


Developing the App

Now that you have finalized every other process it is time to kick off the development process. Have your programmers onboard and provide them with all the tools required.

You’re now ready to get started with the coding process. Ensure you have app store accounts; Google Play Store and Apple Store. The designers should also share and explain the wireframe to the developers. If you have contracted external programmers ensure that you have signed a nondisclosure agreement.


Mobile App Testing

This is the most significant step in the mobile app development lifecycle. You should ensure that you receive and compile feedback from all testers for analysis. Find out the setbacks they are facing and share the information with the developers to fix.


In this step by step guide, we have compiled the mobile app development process to help you understand how to ensure a successful mobile app development.

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